How to Buy Solo Ads

Even after companies have decided that an email solo ad is a right course for their advertising campaign, getting started can often be a problem. This is because email solo ads tend to be a slightly more informal product. Ad spots are not bought and sold through major marketplaces such as Google Ads or Facebook’s advertising platform. However, the time that has to be invested into planning a good email solo ad campaign is generally repaid in the form of a more specific and engaged audience and better results. For those struggling to take the first steps in putting a successful campaign together, the following guide should help.

Investigating the Market

This is the part that takes the most time. There is no point in a company placing an email solo ad in a publication that it knows nothing about. Solo ads take more time to plan and set up than a simple banner ad that can be displayed on thousands of websites at once. It’s a good idea to ask customers which newsletters they subscribe to in order to get an idea of what names are strong in any particular market.

The next step is to sign up for a particular email provider and take notes about the tone that the newsletter is written in and the way that email solo ads that are included within it tend to be placed. This will be very helpful when the time comes to pitch an idea to the writer of the email. Be sure to consider the tone of voice that the email and any ads that have been contained in it are written in. This tends to make for a much more successful pitching process and a more successful campaign in the end.

Tracking the Campaign

It’s well worth taking a few steps to track the success of an email solo ad campaign. This can be as simple as setting up a unique landing page on your website that only traffic from the email solo ad campaign is directed to. This makes it possible to track how many leads or purchases come from the campaign and also offers an opportunity to tailor any messaging or points to the audience that has already seen the ad. Anything that can be done to provide a more consistent experience is likely to improve the performance of the email solo ad campaign.

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