What is Solo Ads?

Buy Solo Ads! Those are the words you often can see when you start to research internet marketing. In this century without internet marketing, it is very difficult to promote your business. This field of marketing offers many ways how to promote your products. For good success, the best way is to combine internet marketing strategies and tools. One of the best is Solo Ads.

What is Solo Ads meaning?

Solo Ads is a successful method of internet marketing. It gives businesses the opportunity to engage cheap targeted email traffic at a relatively low cost. If you don’t have an existing email list, you need help from others who have such email lists.

Solo ads marketing is advertisements on other people’s email lists. Your offer is the only thing advertised in this email. These ads have links to drive traffic to your website or funnel.

As a result, the popularity of paid solo ads advertising as an influential and effective method of email marketing is growing. It helps you generate high-quality guaranteed solo ad traffic for your business with no marketing knowledge. You just need to find a trustworthy platform. Then you can buy email clicks traffic from a Solo Ads Seller list for a specific cost per click.

How does Solo Ads work?

The idea of email solo ads is that the buyer buys clicks in the supplier. Then the supplier delivers the ordered number of hits by sending out newsletters and offers. This email contains a link to the buyer’s target resource.

How do solo email ads work? Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Set up a sales funnel or landing page 
  2. Sign up for a solo advertising marketplace, such as the largest Udimi, for example.
  3. Choose the provider of solo ads in the marketplace, using filters that are important to you, such as the price per visitor, niche, rating, percentage of sales, the geography of traffic and others.
  4. Analyze the statistics of the seller’s profile, find out the price for the visit, find out his ratings and reviews.
  5. Place your order with a link to your website and select the number of visits you want and the date of delivery.
  6. Monitor the success of this solo ads campaign.
  7. You pay for a solo ads by the campaign’s result got
  8. Enjoy the new sales and subscriptions you get.

By following these simple steps, you can buy your first solo ad without special skills.

The benefits of Solo Ads

However, for a comprehensive assessment of the power of solo ads, it is necessary to evaluate the pros and cons of solo ads.


  • Allow you to create a high-converting targeted email newsletter quickly without spending time on forming your email database.
  • The inflow of directly targeted solo ads traffic to your site builds the high quality of your site in the eyes of search engines, which allows your site to rank higher.
  • You don’t need a big budget to start your solo advertising campaign
  • You don’t need to hire a professional marketer or go through training to start and get results.
  • Your niche has a lot of competition in other types of advertising.
  • Allow you to see real statistics and numbers about the interest of your product and your marketing campaign.


  • It’s not for free, it requires a money expense because the better the list of emails – the sooner you get a sale
  • There is no guarantee of conversion if you don’t set up a sales funnel
  • There is a possibility of falling for scammers if you work with unverified suppliers directly, rather than using a marketplace (such as Udimi, for example)

Above all, that does not mean that you get a lot of risks from using solo advertising. A clear understanding of the pros and cons allows us to buy solo ads that convert specifically to your business.

How much does Solo Ads cost?

Solo advertising sells a certain minimum guaranteed number of clicks in the amount of 100. You can choose any price per click depending on your budget. The average price in the solo ads market ranges from $.30 to $.70 per click. For example, buying 100 clicks for $0.50 per click will cost you only $50.

Usually, the solo ads conversion rate is a 40-45% opt-in rate. It depends on a lot of factors that depend on you, such as the specifics of your product or service, the setting of your sales funnel, etc. Let’s assume that this is the ideal indicator. If you decide to buy cheap solo ads that work to protect yourself and not to waste money, it is better to not work directly with the buyer and use the marketplace instead.

For example, in Udimi, all payments are made through the marketplace and the seller receives his payment only after 100% of the traffic is delivered. In addition, the buyer receives a 100% refund if the ordered traffic was not delivered.

Is Solo Ads worth it? Is Solo Ads effective?

Solo ads works effectively, but not for everyone. How do I know that solo advertising is right for my business? Firstly, you want to build a quality list of subscribers and you can’t risk your business ending up in your spam folder. Secondly, you want to expand your existing customer list and expand your geographic reach, etc. Thirdly, you don’t want to spend time and money on an internet marketing specialist or learn it yourself. If you answered yes to these questions, it is most likely that solo advertising is the right for your business.

On the other hand, the success of your company depends more on your offer and the setup of your sales funnel. This causes a misunderstanding of the concept of solo advertising and hurts its reputation.

The major task of solo advertising is to attract a high-quality, targeted customer to your offer and go to your resource. After they click on the link, the responsibility of the solo ads vendor ends. In other words, now it’s your turn to set up a sales funnel for your resource so that you can get the buyer to make a purchase.

To be convinced of the power of the solo ads tool and to throw away time, money and hopes, you need to properly set up the entrance landing page quality, headlines and your offer text, repeating the same ads, etc.

What is the best place to buy solo ads?

Clients who are seeking the best place to buy solo ads can find the right solution on the Udimi platform. This is the biggest marketplace of solo ads in the world. It is known as a trustworthy platform and application with thousands of satisfied clients. This platform offers advanced search filters to find premium solo ads as well. An excellent solo ads affiliate program is available for all users. Even if you are a buyer, here you make money online with solo ads and create your own solo ads business. When clients invite their friends to Udimi, they can earn 15% from all their orders + up to 50% from all Prime memberships. All payments are recurring and lifetime!

I hope this article has helped you to understand what a solo ad is and how it works, where to buy the best solo ads. If you are interested in learning more about Solo Advertising, don’t forget to follow our blog to keep up to date.

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